Artist, Painter and Etcher

About me                                                                   

"I tried a lot, but I turned out to be a painter."

I'm an artist and a painter, living and working in Groningen. Currently having my art studio and art practice at 'Het Pakhuis' above 'Noorderateliers' at 'Noorderhaven'.

My interest lies with nature; and exploring forms in nature that are easily overlooked or missed entirely.
That doesn't mean I just draw inspiration from nature alone. I also have a distinct interest in art/culture and a sense of what I want to do as a painter. Which is to walk the line between figurative and abstract painting.

I started out drawing in my childhood. Joined art College where I learned to paint. I painted lots of landscapes and drew lots of surrealistic/illustrative drawings between 2012 and 2017.
I tried many things and did many side projects. I made costumes, did art performances, made assemblages, did photography, made videos and a lot more.

Like a tree I branched into multiple directions, but the core stern lies with painting. And will grow upwards, as some branches will stay fit and others will die or break off with the wind.

In 2012 I applied for Art&Design at Kunst Theater Media, where I graduated with 'excellence' in 2016. In 2016 I started studying at Art Academy Minerva and became more and more fascinated by painting and made huge steps regarding my work.
The summer of 2019 I stopped studying there after finishing my 6th semester. I felt like I learned what the academy had to offer. I wanted to start my art practice and work autonomously in the field. Which is what I am doing now.



On this website you can find my portfolio, my CV, my exhibitions/projects and a process blog on the top right of the screen.
At the process blog you'll be able to read my philosophy and thoughts surrounding my most recent and sometimes not yet released work. This page will change every now and then as I learn new things and get new or different ideas.